Where sustainability meets reality - showcasing hundreds of planet friendly products that actually work!

Get your products seen in real life and working in tandem with many other companies in a way that has never been done before.

Touring across the UK for 12 months in one of the most exciting and engaging demos ever! Including 100s of city showcase events.

Business Collective Hive

Join us in making a stand!

There are multiple ways to get involved with the First Ever UK sustainability tour. Where we have hundreds of events (Bus Stops) across the country with Amelia the bus.

Join the many companies onboard - become part of the mission, with your innovative products installed and working on Amelia. Experts with real life experience for the backseat talks, a unique and powerful platform. Green companies can also sponsor the mission or advertise on the bus.

We are facilitating connections with trusted and tested suppliers, bringing this knowledge to every event, retrofit location and all the cities we visit.

Our vision

Too often, we see peoples lives disrupted, or even turned upside down through eco-environmental initiatives. The reason for this is actually quite simple, everyone's doing their thing in their own separate silo, without knowing what the other is doing, and in many cases, not caring due to budget allocation methods. We intend to change this by making this a tour that not only engages the very people we need to come on board, the general population, but by also engaging in a fun, trustworthy way, by demonstrating the very products we talk about in real life. The companies that have come on board already and the ones that are going to be joining us. Also, understand long-term growth is based on trust and effectiveness.

Our vision is all about, a sustainable future in every aspect of the word. A future where all people have access to healthy and energy neutral homes, designed in such a way that if you wish to you do not actually have to leave the local area, that's reducing transport costs and the need for as many cars. We also believe in carpooling, which makes better use of fewer cars because they are in use rather than just parked in one location all day. These homes would have the latest solar preinstalled, made with non-toxic materials and be completely designed for humans to live in rather than a box with a higher value than it's actually worth. Sustainability has to include people, that's the point of this, if we weren't here as the human race the Earth would be absolutely fine and anything that we've done would be reset. When we talk about sustainability we must also bring in living standards, good food and full of nutrients accessible to all.

Join the mission

Bringing inclusivity to sustainable lifestyles

Interviews are always free. If you'd like more involvement to have your product demonstrated with an incredible amount of social media videos and event visibility - choose an option below.

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