Engine Hex Advert

£500 Each

  • Seen across the entire UK tour
  • Powered by 16cm advert on engine
  • Listing on our website
  • Social media updates
  • Exclusive access to backseat talks
Product Onboard

£1500 From

  • Active demo space on Amelia
  • Showcased at every stop
  • Promotional Videos
  • Specialist lounge access
  • Featured on Instagram Reels
  • Participate in local installations
Event Days

£ enquire

  • Showcase your business at a location of choice
  • Use of Amelia for the duration
  • Advertising and stands outside the bus providing a large venue space
  • Eco driven space for an event or celebration of your company
Secure your place

All event packages include

In your advertisement package, we have included a comprehensive suite of tools and services to maximise the reach of your journey with Ecodriven

Visibility across the journey

Your advertisement won't be limited to a single location. Instead, it'll travel the entire tour route, ensuring maximum exposure to diverse audiences. This is a mobile billboard that brings your message to potential customers, rather than waiting for them to find you

Powered by 16cm Hexagon advert

Placing your advert on the engine bay at the back of the bus makes it highly visible to both pedestrians and other road users. This is a fantastic way to make a big impression, as your brand will be seen by countless people every day.

Listing on our website

Inclusion in our website not only provides an additional platform for visibility but also lends credibility to your brand. Visitors to our site will see your brand associated with ours and our partners, a benefit that extends beyond mere advertising. We work together to accomplish greater results. We promote a collegial mood and atmosphere.

Seen at our bus stops - Event Days

Every business and product will be seen at our bus stops (Special Events), where footfall will be high and visibility increased.


What our customers say

    

“Thank you EcoDriven for choosing our natural, biobased, durable Lino for creating your sustainable bus ! I look forward to seeing it and making a tour.“

Anna Claudia Ricci

Tarkett SPA Narni

    

“Bandvulc and Continental are proud to be working with the EcoDriven team as they embark on their UK tour. We look forward to following their progress and trust that both the tyres and ContiPressureCheck system will help the team to achieve their goals along the journey. “

Katie Johnson

Continental - Bandvulc Tyres

    

“A unique ECO initiative, involves touring a double-decker reconditioned BUS with many new sustainable technologies around the UK.“

Alan Harper

Director, Alan Harper Composites